Traditional music and song from Britain
with squeezeboxes, guitars and flute

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Brian Peters and Gordon Tyrrall perform traditional songs and music with vibrancy and virtuosity. Both are respected solo artists on the British and international folk scene, teaming up regularly as a duo combining
instrumental skills and vocal harmony - it's often said that they sound more like a whole band than just two people. Brian is a top melodeon and concertina player as well as an accomplished guitarist, while Gordon contributes brilliant guitar and fine flute playing, and both are strong singers. Together they create rich arrangements of classic folk songs, blistering instrumentals, original material and the occasional startling cover version.

Brian and Gordon's repertoire draws heavily on the traditional music of Britain, from emotive songs to dazzling instrumentals, but also includes strong original material and radical covers from Dylan to the Rolling Stones. In addition to their solo careers they have been members of bands from hot Celtic outfit Dab Hand, with whom Gordon worked for several years, to the Lost Nation Band, in which Brian played American old-time alongside
Sara Grey; they've also been in blues and rock groups, and currently work with dance bands Magnetic North and Band Of The Rising Sun. This broad musical background gives a modern edge to their settings of folk material;
several critics have commented on their blend of attacking boldness and respect for the tradition.

Brian Peters and Gordon Tyrrall have appeared as a duo at festivals including Sidmouth, Edinburgh, Warwick, Whitby, Cornwall, and many more. Between them they have toured all over the world, and made solo and band
recordings too numerous to list. Their duo CDs, "Clear The Road" and "The Moving Moon", gained consistently excellent reviews.

"They shake the shackles of the English tradition with a full-blooded acoustic attack... dynamism and robust delivery... bravado and gall.... anedge rarely associated with English folk music." Rock'n'Reel

"These two have made fine albums as individuals and don't disappoint in combination. Tunes with energy and lyricism.... Proof that British folk music can be modern, respectful of tradition, powerful and exciting" Folk Roots (UK)

"A terrific album of gut-filled British folk.... It's exciting to hear how fresh this album sounds.... Bridges generations and bucks trendiness.... Pure musical passion." Sing Out! (USA)

"Excellent musicians, good singers, their individual virtuosity and versatility as impressive as ever." The Living Tradition (UK)

"This album is a corker.... Well worth repeated playings" Dirty Linen (USA)

"A combination of two musicians whose credentials and musical integrity are magnetic.... A magical album" English Dance and Song (UK)

"Peters and Tyrrall have an effortless grasp of musical dynamics that enables them to rock like buggery when the opportunity arises, and to draw out the sweetest nuances from more reflective material " Stirrings (UK)