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HARCD 001* PETE MORTON "Frivolous Love"
tracks: The Sloth and the Greed / Mother's Day / The Last God of England / Time / Tamlyn / A Babe of the World / Without Thinking Love / Rachel / Just Like John Barleycorn
Pete Morton was voted "most promising artist" by Folk Roots magazine's readers in 1987 and is distinguished from his contemporaries not only by his stage presence but also in the startling energy which he displays in the interpretation of both his own songs and the many traditional songs he has breathed new life into."Eleven of Pete's most popular songs digitally recorded with just voice and guitar, full tilt with all his usual power. It's a blinder quite simply the best debut record by a singer/songwriter out of the British folk club scene in recent memory. That's how to make records!"
HARCD 002* ROGER WILSON " The Palm of Your Hand"
tracks: John Henry / John Hilt's - Richmond - The Peg in the Hole / Mother's Day / Ramble Away / The Unlikely Trip - The Gumble Waltz / Jack Frazer and Lucy Brown / Don't You Go / The Cotton Reel - The Trip to Windsor - McKerron's / Sleepy eyed John / The Great Titanic / My Laddie Sits Ower Late Up.
A young singer and musician with the ability to present a large repertoire of largely traditional British and American material in a vibrant and exciting style based on consummate musicianship.
ROGER WILSON (vocal, guitar), KAREN TWEED (accordion), PETE TOWNSEND ( double bass), JAN JODELKO (drums).
"This year's (1988) best album by anyone in the acoustic field could well turn out to be "The Palm of Your Hand", Roger Wilson's debut..... ..Roger's strength is a creative musicianship, you can hear it in every arrangement......The record is a landmark within the territory of a new generation exploring song with acoustic foundations."


Remasterd for CD and re-released August 2005

JANET RUSSELL "Gathering The Fragments"
tracks: Old Woman is Watching / The Children Are Running / The Blude Red Rose / The Band of Shearers- The Musical Priest - The Wind That Shakes the Barley / The Hills of Ardmorn / All the Tunes in the World / The Secretary's Song / Sanctuary / Fast Bright Nights / Choices / Land of the Leal / Curtain Call.
Janet Russell is the latest in an illustrious line of women singers from Scotland. Steeped in traditional song and music but also open to the most recent musical influences, Janet stresses the unity of old and new songs and interweaves them seamlessly in her repertoire."Janet's guitar and voice are complemented by some classy fiddle from Tom McConville and Paul Stevens, with further backing from Mary MacMaster, Sally Barker, Nick Keir and Jack Evans. The result is a most enjoyable album of thought provoking lyric and musical excellence."
HARCD 004 PETE MORTON "One Big Joke"
tracks: The Prisoner / Simple Love / Water from the Houses of our Fathers / The First Day / The Little Boy's Room / Another Train / Lucy / The Old Grey Moon / One Big Joke / Girls Like You / River of Love / Somewhere in Love / Live Your Life.
A second album from Pete Morton, this time with a band, Roger Wilson (fiddle), Simon Edwards (button accordion, piano), Hester Goodman (ukulele), Mickey Firebird (electric guitar).
"This man's lyrics are so strong, his tunes so straightforwardly direct and clearly influenced by our roots, his vocal delivery so awe inspiring! This guy is among the best the British roots music scene has produced in living memory."
cd cover
HARCD 005* BRIAN PETERS "Fools of Fortune"
tracks: The Lost Fourteen Hundred / Schottis Fran Norbotten / The Oldham White Hare / A Swedish Dance - Sherwood Forest - La Belle Halimande / John Barbour / The Northern Lass / Dallas Rag / The Last God of England / Shelter :From the Storm / Doed a Ddel - Ap Siencyn - Mopsi Don / Sir Patrick Spens / The Unquiet Grave.
Brian Peters is a singer and instrumentalist who has made a considerable impact on the British folk scene in recent years. Although his roots are firmly in the tradition Brian has absorbed a variety of other influences, approaching his material with great vigour and inventiveness. "Fools of Fortune" sees Brian performing solo on several tracks, but on others he is supported by long-standing musical associates........his regular duo partner, fiddle player Jamie Knowles, his occasional country blues band The Mossley Dukes, jazz rock musician Mike Nacey on bass and Dave Shaw on Northumbrian pipes."An album of strong songs, surprises and good music from the big songs of the tradition to anglo concertina ragtime, via cajun accordion.!"
Fools of Fortune was awarded the Music Retailers Association Award for Excellence in 1990.
HARCD 006* GEORGE FAUX "Time For a Laugh and a Song"
tracks : The Birthday Reel - MacDonald's / Farewell to the Building - The Cultural Dessert / Kellswater / Parker's Fancy - Johnson's / Farewell to London / Artesian Water / Legget's Reel - The Old Grey Cat / Do Me Amma / The Gallant Brigantine - Dominic's March / Time For a Laugh and a Song.
George Faux will already be known for his work as a fiddle player in a series of 'quality' innovative bands, notably Shegui, Hom Bru and Red Shift. Now as a Solo performer George has built a fine reputation for himself as a wonderful musician and no mean singer and writer of both tunes and songs. This debut album, a mixture of tunes and songs, some traditional, some contemporary and some self-penned, all played with an obvious enjoyment of performance is delightful and atmospheric proof of George's abilities."An album that sees tradition treated with respect but manages not to be overwhelmed by it....the results that grace this release cannot fail to fill you with delight....A crisp clear production adds a steely concision to both songs and tunes."
tracks: Bechet Rhumba / The Onions / Bright Morning Stars / Gumbo Frog / Trouble in Mind / Cripple Creek - Old Joe Clark - Kitchen Girl / Pig Ankle Rag / Dink's Song / Back up and Push / Balma Mines / Single Girl / Magic Island Merengue.
The Boat Band are a good time band of indeterminate size and instrumentation, equally at home on the concert stage or adding music to all kinds of celebratory outdoor events. Their name comes partly from their annual seagoing tour of the Western Isles of Scotland playing wherever they make landfall, It's cajun, it's Bahamian, it's extremely danceable mayhem, gently leavened with some very atmospheric songs. Recorded live in a large shed at the canalside, and a good time was had by all.
HARCD 008* JIM WOODLAND "Miracles"
tracks: Padlocks / Her Indoors / Berlin Wall / This is the Outside / Taking Her Away / The Academic / One and One / Bright Rooms / Happy Happy Happy / Miracles / You Can Dance / Flower and the Seed.
Jim Woodland is simply one of the best songwriters around! He has a history in rock music, cabaret, theatre and the contemporary folk circuit. "He has chosen to present himself in a solo setting for this album, just singing to his own guitar or piano accompaniment, and there's enough in Jim's words and tunes to engage the ear on their own, not a dud amongst the twelve presented here".
tracks:Ja Helo / Ways of Seeing / Meeting / Girl in a Garden / Zaspo Janko / A Soothing Croon / Low Ground / Dead Leaves / Message From Mother Earth / Bread and Roses / I Only Believe in Miracles / Seven Gates / We Are Women / The Trial / The Pearl / Weave and Mend / Shto me e Milo / Shall There be Womanly Times.
"You'd be hard pressed to find a singer with a voice as powerful, versatile and expressive....Frankie has the remarkable ability to vividly convey the imagery of a song, capture and project it's every nuance, and perfectly exploit the natural tensions of lyric and melody, always giving her words space to breathe". "Ways of Seeing" is a powerful set of live concert recordings featuring Frankie singing on her own, in duets and with up to ten other women.
HARCD 011* SARA GREY "Promises to Keep"
tracks: I Love You Well / Lakes of Champlain / La Belle Riviere / Sweet William's Ghost / Jenny's Gone to Ohio - Cider Mill / Oh Death / Dry Stone Walls / Lady of Carlisle / Mervin Barr / The Sky / Going Away / Sunrise / Nice Like That.
"There are certain singers who have been involved with traditional music over many years for whom the arts of a singer and a story teller merge to produce a web of tales and songs capable of transporting an audience from a club room to the intimacy of a kitchen fireside - Sara Grey is one of these singers". She is also a leading exponent of old time banjo tunes and styles. "Twenty years into her career as a recording artist and Sara Grey comes up with her best album!"


tracks: No Going Back / Promises / Breastfeeding Baby in the Park / Tomorrow / Mouth Music / My Better Years / Working Girl Blues / Old and Strong / My True Love Once / When I Was Single / On Children / No Man's Momma / Forgive and Forget / We Were There.
Four Women, Peta Webb, Sandra Kerr, Rosie Davis and Janet Russell, fine singers all, with four separate and highly respected individual careers already well established, join forces in this powerful musical statement of their combined abilities and experiences.

HARCD 015*

THE BOAT BAND "Take Me Over the Tide"
tracks: The Captain Go Ashore / J'ai Ete au Bal / Shallow Brown / Woodchopper's Reel - Lancaster Hornpipe - Harbinger Hornpipe / Crawdad Song / Muntilor / The Lady in the Boat - The New Rigged Ship - The Ship in Full Sail / The Ship in Distress / Soldier's Joy - Miss McLeod's Reel - Fairy Dance / Run Come See Jerusalem / Mama Rosin / Take Me Over the Tide.
A second outing from the ever boisterous, never quite predictable Boat Band. Much more 'boat' material on this time including a tune utilising trombones (Muntilor) which they say they use as a foghorn on board the good ship Harbinger in bad visibility in the Irish Sea! This album uses more brass instruments than the first one and is again a live recording in "The Shed".


DAVE GOULDER "Stone Steam and Starlings"
tracks: The Clearing Place / The Carter / Stone on Stone / These Dry Stone Walls / Go From My Window / Proper Little Gent / Linden Lea / The Colours / Seven Summers / Friar in the Well / Sally Gardens /Follower / I Will Go With My Father A'Ploughing / Forth Bridge / Footplate Cuisine / Boy in Winter
Dave Goulder's seventh album - His first with Harbourtown Records. Recorded in America with Gordon Bok and Carol Rohl.
cd cover
HARCD 018 PETE MORTON "Mad World Blues"
tracks: Mad World Blues / Songbird / Kurdistan / It Is What It Is / Down To Earth / John Barleycorn / People who Go Under / Patriotic Claptrap/ Malnutrition at Standing Rock / Keys To Love / Crazy Man / Katie.
Here is Pete Morton's third album. The first two "Frivolous Love" (HAR 001) and "One Big Joke" (HAR 004) were unequivocal successes on every level with universally glowing reviews and Pete being voted artist/songwriter most likely.....' all over the place. He's been in great demand throughout Europe and North America since these early triumphs. Now he's recorded this album with a band line-up of two acoustic guitars, fretless bass and drums, helped along by some ace back up in the vocal department by Sally Barker.
cd cover
HARCD 019 THE HOUSE BAND "Stonetown"
tracks: Skepper Schotish - Schotish fra Lyo / The Lonesome Drunkard's Walk - Stonetown / Eliz iza - Air / Sundays Best / New Tobacco - The Rolling Waves - Ryans / The Final Trawl / The Killybegs Highland - Charlie O'Neills - Rond de Loudeac / Here Come The Weak - On The Turn / Hernon's - The Phoenix / Geordie / Wals Voor Polle / Baldazka - Horo
Ged Foley (vocals, guitar, Northumbrian pipes), Chris Parkinson (vocals, melodeon, keyboards, harmonica) and John Skelton (flute, whistle, bombarde, bodhran) are three musicians united in the belief that traditional music can be exiting, complex and above all relevant. Stonetown is their fourth album and bodes to be their most successful yet, with a move to a more live and immediate sound reflecting their powerful appearances on the international concert stage.
HARCD 020* THE WILSON FAMILY "The Wilson Family Album"
tracks: John Barleycorn / The Mistress's Health / Beggars Carol / May Garlands / Thyme / The Jolly Ploughboys / Bay of Mexico / Sweep Chimney Sweep / Byker Hill / Young Banker / Hawks and Eagles / Children of Africa / Somewhere in Japan / Think Again / Big Steamers / Nelson's Death and Victory / Close the Coalhouse Door
The Wilson Family is an instantly recognisable and unfailingly popular feature of the English folk festival and club scene. Born and bred in Billingham with the heavy industries of Teesside all around and the Durham coalfield to the North, the five Wilson brothers have developed a uniquely muscular approach to the art of unaccompanied harmony singing. Like other family groups such as the Watersons and the Coppers - both of whom remain major influences - The Wilsons have an instinctive mutual understanding. They sing as they feel, and the sheer power of these five voices is awesome. At last The Wilson Family has set down a collection of their own favourites, and they have never sounded better. Here is a collection of songs drawn from an enormous repertoire and refined by years of performance delivered with a conviction driven by a love of song and the very joy of singing - the wait has surely been worthwhile!
HARCD 021 BRIAN PETERS "The Seeds of Time"
tracks: The Manchester Jig - Welcome Home - The Pippingo Reel / History Lesson / Living in the Past That Never Was / Cropper Lads / Kitty Fisher - My Lad's Ower Bonny For the Coal Trade - Coffee and Tea / The Lowlands of Holland / The Box in the Attic - Northern Nanny - The Low Flier / A Servant of the Company - Sir William Stanier's Favourite / Lovely Joan / The Oyster Girl - The Lad With the Trousers on - Mad Moll / False Foudrage / Old Haile Hornpipe / Padlocks / The Ruins By the Shore / The Dark Island - The Arran Boat.
Brian Peters second album for Harbourtown Records. Over an hour of music, much of it drawn from the British tradition but also including items by contemporary writers, presented in a range of styles from unaccompanied to wild arrangements. Epic ballads rub shoulders with songs about today's issues and dynamic squeezebox tunes in a combination mixing simplicity with adventure, and eclecticism with strong local roots.
tracks: Canada / Nothing Through the Letterbox Today / One Step Away From My Heart / Nights in a Suitcase / 21 Years / The Chosen One / Walking Wounded / It's Not There / You Can't Win 'em All / The End of the Line / Whatever You Do / Al Fresco / That's What Friends Are For .
Barb Jungr: Vocals, harmonica, mandolin, percussion
Michael Parker: Vocals, guitar, ukulele, banjo, cornet, piano, bass
Roger Watson: Melodeons
Christine Collister and Ian Shaw: Backing vocals
Barb Jungr and Michael Parker broke into their busy schedule of Radio and T.V. work, a season at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and of course their concert and club appearances to record this album for Harbourtown. Their third recording and certainly their best to date - great original songs and superb performances including guests Christine Collister, Ian Shaw, Roger Watson and John Moloney.
cd cover


CAUGHT ON THE HOP "A Nation of Hopkeepers"
tracks: Drill Ye Tarriers Drill / The jolly Thresherman / The Floating Bloater / The Last of the Dancing Bears / The Diamantina Drover / Da Slockit Light / The Banks of the Nile / Honey in the Rock / The Watford Explosion / Donahoe Downs / The Bonny Ship the Diamond / Sinner Man.
Merseyside's own folk rock band with their first CD release (their fourth album).


Currently out of Stock

JANET RUSSELL "Bright Shining Morning?"
tracks: Bright Shining Morning? / Ettrick / Childminder's Song / Can't Hug You / Fly Away (Sadie) / Sheath and Knife / Garten Mother's Lullaby / Mouth Music / Jeannie Jenkins / Song for a Seafarer / soweto / Accidents / Bury My Heart / St Peters Fields / I Know Love / The Bluebell Polka
Janet Russell's second solo album with some help from Mary MacMaster, Tom McConville and Sara Grey (amongst others). Once again a mixture of traditional and contemporary songs following on directly from her first highly successful album on Harbourtown Records (HAR 003).
HARCD 027 FRANKIE ARMSTRONG "The Fair Moon Rejoices"
Frankie's earlier album has sold consistently well - her reputation is excellent. This second release is our long awaited CD of Frankie singing a collection of very powerful, mostly contemporary material, with Joan Mills, Biddy Wells, Peter Stacey, Ben Lawrence, Geoff Haynes and Darien Pritchard
Tracks: Voices / London Song / Earth, Air, Fire and Water / Invitation / Flying High, Flying Free/Canaries in the Mine / Still is the Memory / Speech to Appollo / Out of the Darkness / I Feel that all the Stars Shine in Me / Ballad of Marie Sanders / Whore and the Holy One / Mourn Not the Dead/Song of Augustina Ruiz / Farewell My Friends / Let The Slave
tracks: Prodigal Son / State of Arkansas / Banks of Kilrea / Unfortunate Rake / As I roved Out / Miss Julia / The Day I Fought Dwyer / The Kissing Song / Sweet William / My God He is a Rock ; Betsy Liken - Sadie at the Back door / Lady Gay / Johnny Barden / Going to Leave This Country / High Toned Dance / The Milliner's Daughter / Last Winter Was a Hard One / Across the Bridge.
A wonderful follow-up to Sara Grey's debut Harbourtown album. A collection of powerful traditional songs, including big ballads treated with the utmost respect. Any lover of traditional song will want this album in their collection.
HARCD 029* PETE MORTON "Courage Love and Grace"
tracks: Change / Heartland / On Your Side / Family Tree / Through it All / Learning of a Miracle / From Ireland / One Truth / Courage, Love and Grace / Cheating Man / Love Me in Eden / The Lion and the Lamb / The Harrowing of Pride / Eternity.
This Pete Morton album is both considered and extremely powerful - very strong songs and performances from Pete himself and some very fine session musicians (Sally Barker, Karen Tweed, Roger Wilson, Tom McConville and Mike Willoughby). This album was released in the U.S. in 1997 on Flying Fish Records.
HARCD 030 THE BOAT BAND "Burning the Water"

CD and cassette - Great album of cajun music - they just get better!

Read more about the Boat Band's album.


Tracks: Skipton Ram / Daniel Wrights Hornpipe; The Pearl Wedding; The Old Grey Cat / Just as the Tide Was a Flowing / Where Do I Fit In / Throw the Wood, Laddie; The Catching of Fleas; Buxton Races / Roads to Ruin / The Musical Priest; The Green Fields of America / Farewell My Dearest Dear / The Trp to The Toilet; The Random; Fair Jenny / The Ship In Distress / Blow The winds I-O; The Househusband; The First Steps / Almost Satisfied / Colm O'Donnell's; The Humours of Lissadell; The Hunters Purse / Bonny George Campbell / Roaring Mary; Cleaning Windows / Swansea Town


PETE MORTON, ROGER WILSON, SIMON EDWARDS - "Urban Folk Vol II - Self Destructive Fools" - a "Two for the price of one" CD release including a CD copy of "Urban Folk Vol 1" (previously released on cassette HARC 016)
Tracks on VOL I: Love's Trainee (part one) / The Fox / Hey Joe / Lord Randall / Absent Love / Old Joe Clark - The Louisiana Two Step / Delia / Bleak Mist / Rambleaway / False Bride / Shadow of an Absent Friend / It Takes a Lot to Laugh, it Takes a Train to Cry.
Tracks on VOL II: Running Out of Lovin' / When You See Those Flying Saucers / Little Musgrave / Goodbye My Love / The Belly Boys / Cuckoo's Nest / O'Reilly / Swimming Song / None So Fair / Love Hurts / Derwentwater's Farewell / Jack of Diamonds
HARCD 033 STOCAI - "Champagne Brawl"
Ace English dance band from Buckinghamshire

Track-listing: Poolside Polka / Cafe Charbons Jig - The Queen of Hearts / Scottish a Virmoux - Biscuit Shuffle / Boodell Lope - Lambert Waddle / Damspolska / The Hornet / Sail Away Ladies - Horseshoes & Rainbows / Boddington - T.J.'s / The Tender Trap / The Sty at Night / Iron Legs - Champagne Brawl


BARRY McDONALD & MAROOAN - "Where The Sun-Lights on The Dew Drops Shine"
A beautiful collection of Australian traditional music from the New England Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia.
Track-listing: Highland Schottisches / Kate Kelly / Waltzes / The Indian Lass / The Three Weeds Jigs / Woodbine Hill / Bruce Smith's Set Tunes / McCluskey and O'Shule - Desertion / Jackson Knox's Schottisches / Longford Jail / Step Tunes / Green Light Upon The Green / Varsovienna and Mazurkas / Only a Soldier's Wife - Just as the Sun Went Down.


K-PASSA - "The Morning After"
Simon Edwards of Urban Folk fame has been lead singer and accordion player with Bristols K-PASSA for ten years now. This "retrospective" collection covers the whole of that ten year period. Ten years of K-PASSA in two and a half hours of music in this great value two CD issue.
Track-listing: CD1: Johnny / Where are Your Papers / Woman / Money / I Need You / Hey, Hey, Hey / Whispered Light / Don't Leave Me Now / Kickin out / Gonna Get you / Loves Trainee Pt2 / Absent Love / Every Morning / Tired Themes / You Don't Live Here Anymore / Rudi / Could You Leave Me Now / Loves Going Nowhere / Headrush .
CD2 : Jackboots / Maneater / Empty Air / Never Gonna Feel / Runnin Outta Lovin / Bad Man / All Fall Down / Do You Really Care / Feelings / Born Again / Bleak Mist / It's My Day / Whirlpool / Louisiana Two Step /Goodbye My Love / Loves Trainee / Take Me Home.


THE BOAT BAND - "Back Deck Blues"
Double CD release including CD copy of - J.C. GALLOW AND THE BOAT BAND "Fais Pas Ca"
A new recording of The Boat Band featuring J. C. Gallow from Louisiana as a special guest. We've made this a special value release by adding a CD copy of the original Boat Band & J.C. Gallow collaboration previously only available as a cassette.

track-listing: Back Deck Blues: 'Tit Galop Pour la Pointe-aux-Pins / Zydeco Burke / Oh Babay / Reno Waltz / Bernadette / Fee Fee Poncho / Ciel / Sur la Courtebleau / New Iberia Polka / Lake Arthur Stomp / Rock Me Baby / La Porte en Arriere / In the Evening / Why You Wanna Make Me Cry / Personne Pole Danser Avec Moi / Happy One Step. Fais Pas Ca: Eunice Two Step / Cherokee Waltz / She Worries Me / Animal Zoo / Church Point Two Step / Bayou Teche / Mardi Gras Song / Zydeco Cha Cha / Les Traces de Mon Boghei / Devillier Two Step / Zydeco Run / Tous Les Temps en Temps / Hee Haw Breakdown / Les Deux Jumeaux



PETE MORTON - "Trespass"
Pete Morton has finally recorded a collection of all traditional songs - just guitar and voice. It's been requested many times over the years - and now he's finally done it!
Tracks: The Cuckoo / Gay Goshawk / Sylvia / Banks of the Nile / A Farmer's Boy The Mower and the Dairymaid / Lincolnshire Poacher / Little Musgrave / John Barleycorn / Dick Turpin / Banks of the Sweet Dundee / The Rose in June / Night Visiting Song
HARCD 040 PETE MORTON - "Hunting the Heart"
A fine album of great Pete Morton songs and one old standard (Drink to me Only) given the special Morton treatment. Pete is joined on this recording by Andy Cutting on accordian, Tom McConville on fiddle and Julie Murphy on vocals. "One of the few modern day songwriters of any real character and originality Pete Morton seems to have embraced the drama and imagery of traditional song ever more naturally in his own writing" (Folk Roots)
Tracks: Drink to me Only / Hunting the Heart / Twitching Net Curtains/ Forgiveness Hill / Constant Motion / Madam or Sir / Battle of Trafalgar / Maybe Nothing's Spoken / Deep Blue Sea / The Desert / Thanksgiving. .
"An album to grace any Household." (Folk Roots)
Enhanced CD HARCD 041  PETE MORTON - "Another Train"
Here is a collection of 14 songs, a mixture of Pete's own material, and some of his traditional songs taken from all his Harbourtown albums to date. The CD includes an enhanced sector which will play on PC and MAC platforms with MP3 audio of 19 songs and a full discography.
Tracks: Family Tree / The First Day / Tamlyn / Water From the Houses of Our Fathers / Without Thinking Love / The Prisoner / The Cuckoo /
Songbird / The Gay Goshawk / The Battle of Trafalgar
/ Another Train / Constant Motion / Drink to Me Only / Katie 
STOCAI - "After The Brawl"

Here is a second collection of dance tunes from English dance band Stocai
Tracks: The Cutter / Hornpipe - Dune / Chocolate Dog - Felix Aus Der Asch / Inisheer / L'Escapade / Auld Donald - The Keyhole / Jolly Frog - Muineira de Cabana / Sugar in the Spotty One / Sayes Court - Miss Hannah Jolly / Thornton Jig - Red Admiral / Redstart - Big Cheese / Last Lock - Chimay Shimmy / Engelska


MERIDIAN - "Prime"

Fabulous first album from English band Meridian.

Tracks: Portesham Breakfast / Beamer / Joss Bay / Fair Nottamun Town / Crossing the Line / Allodion - The Mad Jig / B-Line / At the Break of the Day - The Glimmering / Unsquare Schottisch - 3/2 Hornpipe / Hike up the Dyke / The Thin Green Line / Road to Poynton - Road to Paignton


PETE MORTON- "Swarthmoor"

Eleven new Pete Morton songs recorded with just vocal and guitar as you hear Pete in concert - no frills!

Titles: The Two Brothers / The Luckiest Man / Simplicity / Goodbye to Oil / Listening to My Boots / Love Stood in My Way / Naseby Field / The Shepherd's Song / The Government Wall / Six Billion Eccentrics / St George Slew the Dragon


FRANKIE ARMSTRONG - Darkest Before the Dawn

Frankie Armstrong, Sarah Harman and Shanee Taylor

Darkest Before the Dawn / Voice that Lives Inside You / Questions / Life in the Old Girl Yet / The Soldier Armed with Sword and Gun / Growing Older / Bible According to Eve / Dia Funia / Cease Fire / War of the Poor / Reconciliation / Real Man / Way of Sex / Noi Vogliamo / Bread and Roses /Threshold


PEGLEG FERRET - Not Fooling Anyone

Powerful and moving three part unnaccompanied vocal from the North East of England
All in a Day / Hexhamshire Lass / Harry Simms / Grandfather’s Clock / Davy Lowston / The Catch / John Barleycorn / Just One Spark / A Mackerel Song / The Sailors Way / Sair Fyeld Hinny / Strange Lover Is A Coal Mine / Old Admirals / Wild Goose Shanty / Essequibo River


THE BOAT BAND - A Trip to the Lakes - A collection of Cumbrian tunes and songs -
A Trip to the Lakes - jig; Carlisle Reel / Haul Away the Hawser / Trip to Cartmel - polkas; Cumberland Waltz / Kendal Waltz; Robinson's / Honeymoon / A Bonny Lass to Marry Me / The Cumberland - reels; Keswick Bonny Lasses / Stables' Grand - hornpipes; The Birds Upon the Tree - song; Cumberland Reel / Carlisle Races - jigs; Dear Tobacco / Bonny Cumberland / King's No 1 / King's No 2 - polkas; Stybarrow Crag / Iron Legs / The Calgarth - hornpipes; Corby Castle - song; Kendal Ghyll / When I Parted / Ulverston Volunteers - jigs; Westmorland Waltz; My Love She's But a Lassie Yet / Whitehaven Volunteers / Through the Wood Spinning - Cumberland Square Eight tunes; A Trip to Galloway - air.

HARCD 048 PETE MORTON - Flying an Unknown Flag

Here is the newest collection of Pete's own material, Pete's vocal and guitar are joined by Roger Wilson (fiddle, guitar, mandolin), Neil Segrott (bass) and Chris Parkinson (accordion, harmonica)
Harvest / The Shores of Italy / Great Gold Sun / Further / The Busker’s Song / In Another Life / Corruption Country / I’m in Love With Emily Dickinson / A Love that I Don’t Understand / The Post Office Queue / Another Train 


A wonderful collection of songs from acclaimed storyteller/musician Nick Hennessey. Nick's vocals and harp are brilliantly supported by cello from Sherry Robunson.
Balor / Falling Sun / Annachie Gordon / Lord Franklin / Donal Og / Naked Flame / Crow on the Cradle / Gallows Tree / Wandering Aengus / Scarecrow / The River / Hermit’s Song


CROOK FINGER JACK - Beggar Boy of the North
This is a re-release of a "classic" set of recordings made by Greg Stephens for Fellside Records in 1978. In many ways this is the inspiration behind Gregs "Trip to the Lakes" CD recently released on Harbourtown. These twenty-four tunes represent a cross section of the music played by traditional musicians in the north-west of England over the last four hundred years or so.
Canny Cumberland/Yorkshire Lasses/The One Horned Sheep : Never Love Thee More/Cumberland Nelly/John Peel : Lonsdale Hornpipe : The Northern Lass : Liverpool Hornpipe/Keswick Bonny Lasses : The Willow Tree/Corn Rigs/Nanny O : Old Lancaster Hornpipe : Chester Waits/Farewell Manchester : The Beggar Boy of the North : The Bishop of Chester’s Jig/Andrew Carey/Drops of Brandy/Mad Molly : Jenny My Blithest Maid/The Glory of the North/Northern Nanny : The Cantsfield Polka

Janet's long awaited third solo CD Love Songs and Fighting Talk is now with us and ready to ship out. A fine collection of songs featuring instrumental support from Tom McConville (fiddle), Najam Jawed (tabla), Steve Tilston (guitar) and Gill Redmond (cello)
Pretty Polly : Eppie Morrie : The Creole Girl’s Lament : Steely Water/Donal Og : Waxie’s Dargle : Mary Ambree : Sodjer’s Cairn : Matt Hyland : Collier Laddie : Banks of Sweet Dundee : My Laddie Sits/Maire Nighean Alastair/Gie My Love Brose – R. Burns : The Pigeon and the Sparra : Waly Waly Up The Bank : Wexford Lullaby : Willie Brewed a Peck o’ Maut/Barren Rocks of Aden/Swing Yer Maw

THE BOAT BAND (double CD set)
A re-release on CD of The Boat Band's first two recordings to mark their 20th year of music making together!
"Back up and Push"
Bechet Rhumba / The Onions / Bright Morning Stars / Gumbo Frog / Trouble in Mind / Cripple Creek - Old Joe Clark - Kitchen Girl / Pig Ankle Rag / Dink's Song / Back up and Push / Balma Mines / Single Girl / Magic Island Merengue.
"Take Me Over the Tide"
The Captain Go Ashore / J'ai Ete au Bal / Shallow Brown / Woodchopper's Reel - Lancaster Hornpipe - Harbinger Hornpipe / Crawdad Song / Muntilor / The Lady in the Boat - The New Rigged Ship - The Ship in Full Sail / The Ship in Distress / Soldier's Joy - Miss McLeod's Reel - Fairy Dance / Run Come See Jerusalem / Mama Rosin / Take Me Over the Tide.