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Once you have heard Sara Grey you will never forget her. She has a certain quality of voice that compels you to give her your undivided attention. Her voice is both powerful and sweet with a distinctive and lovely tremolo. It is a voice well suited to native American ballads and the ballads of Ireland and Scotland.

One of the best things about her singing is that it reflects her great knowledge of and feeling for traditional music. She just seems to know what is right in the interpretation of a traditional song. She is a ballad singer of great strength with a fine understanding of the importance of understatement. Her singing is richly emotional and she is equally at home with a gentle lyric or a harsh account of life on the frontier.

It is not Sara's lovely voice alone that makes her one of the most popular singers on the folk scene, on many of her songs Sara accompanies herself by frailing a five string banjo and, when playing dance tunes, it is obvious why she is regarded as one of the foremost exponents of the clawhammer style.

As well as singing and playing, Sara is well known for her storytelling - specialising in stories from New England where she grew up learning many of her stories from her father.

Sara grew up in New Hampshire but has lived in North Carolina, Ohio, Montana, New York, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wales, Scotland and England. As a youngster in North Carolina she first heard mountain music and her love for old time banjo music and songs stems from thjis experience. She has carried this interest into her adult life, studying folklore and collecting and performing traditional tunes and songs from the various areas in which she has lived. She has now been performing professionally for more than 30 years.


"Five Days Singing" as part of The Golden Ring on Folk Legacy
"Sara Grey with Ed Trickett" Folk Legacy (1970)
"A Breath of Fresh Air" With Ellie Ellis - Fellside (1981)
"Making the Air Resound" With Ellie Ellis - Fellside (1984)
"Flash Company" With Ellie Ellis - Fellside (1987)
"You Gave Me A Song" With Ellie Ellis - Greewich Village (1987)
"Promises to Keep" Harbourtown Records - HAR 011 - 1990
"Sara" Harbourtown Records - HARCD 028 - 1994

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