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Take Me Over the Tide - HARCD 053

After playing for many years, trawling the venues of Britain and beyond, THE BOAT BAND have picked up a huge and varied catch of tunes: Creole, Caribbean, gospel, Cajun, Irish, zydeco and blues-not much slips through the net.If it can be played on accordion and fiddle (or trombone, washboard, trumpet, banjo etc), if it touches the heart and moves the feet, it`s in the repertoire.

Their latest venture takes the band away from the cajun twosteps of South Louisiana to the dance music of northwest England, drawing on the rich tradition of some thousands of tunes collected by and from the musicians of Cheshire, Lancashire and Cumbria. The favourite current source of good tunes is the Langdale fiddler William Irwin. and The Boat Band have just released new CD "A TRIP TO THE LAKES" featuring these tunes. You can buy MP3's of these tunes or indeed buy a digital copy of the whole CD from efolkmusic

Come along to a gig and enjoy the English tunes and songs nestling in alongside the already eclectic offerings, whether it's at an all out ceilidh, a strictly cajun dance or a sit-down concert. The line-up is based on: Kate Barfield (fiddle, trombone, vocals), Mark Burke (percussion, accordions, vocals), Greg Stephens (guitar, banjo, vocals), Tony Weatherall (accordions, vocals), plus occasional special guests.
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Back Deck Blues

Our previous CD, "Back Deck Blues," is on Harbourtown Records (HARCD 036) and captures the mix of powerful vocals, wild fiddle, hard driving accordian, rock solid guitar, rhythmic rub board and grooving bass that make up the sound of the Boat Band. At gigs this sound is often added to by celebrated guest musicians, so don't be surprised to hear a brass section!
Back Deck Blues is the fifth Boat Band album - next the box set???!!!
Back Deck Blues is a special 2CD package including a CD copy of "Fais Pas Ca" to make this a complete Boat Band and J.C. Gallow experience!!!!

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