Old Friends Band

Mike Kermode: flute/fiddle, John Hazlehurst: anglo concertina/diatonic harmonica, Peter Corkhill: fiddle, Gordon Jones: guitar, Deborah Kermode: piano
Dance tunes from the Cumbrian Fells. Recorded simply in Cartmel Village Hall.

Old Friends Band has been playing for 14 years at many a Cumbrian Merry Neet and their combined experience as musicians, dancers, composers and caller is very evident in this eminently danceable and highly original recording
Jenny Coxon - English Dance and Song Spring 2009
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15 Tracks:
1. Bonny Westmorland - Reels:
Bonny Westmorland/Hump Land Lay/Summer is Coming
2. La'al Schottishe
3. Sweet Lips Set - Jigs:
Sweet Lips/Thomas Birkett's/Jackson's Shaving Brush/Nancy under t'hill/The oddfellows Holiday
4. Elterwater Hornpipe/Elterwater Quickstep
5.King's Polka Set:
The King's Polka/Patterdale Polka/King's Polka/The Annan Polka
6. Mrs Spicer's Set - Jigs:
Mrs Spicer's/The Labyrinth/Ap Shenkins
7. The Reb Set - Reels:
A Bonny Lass to Marry Me/Sinclairs Reel/The Milkmaids/Miss Skinners Reel
8. The Furness Waltz
9. Jenny Sultan's Set - 48 bar reels:
Jenny Sultan's/Noname
10. Marching Jigs:
The March of the 2nd Inversion/Mr & Mrs Martin's Jig
11. The Weathercock Set - Hornpipes:
The Weathercock/Appleby Election Hornpipe/Miss Grayton's Hornpipe
12. The Old Beagle Inn - Waltz
13. The Seven Stars Schottische
14. Crossing the Sands Set - Jigs
The Month of May/Crossing the Sands/New Road to Alston/Strawberry Time
15. Miss Greenop's Reel Set - Reels:
Miss Greenop's Reel/Jenny's Delight/Captain Jones 's Escapade

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